Who guides us:

ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vino) was founded in Asti in 1951 at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and by the will of eminent people of the time. The 8th of July 1981 with the Decree no. 563 it received the juridical recognition.

The reasons which led to its birth are to be sought in the need to create a group of reliable and qualified tasters suitable to carry out the delicate and challenging task of wine evaluation. Each assessor is required to possess a number of natural qualities, specific technical knowledge and training, so as to be able to issue a significant and complete rating on the quality of the wine. Since the foundation date the aims of ONAV are:

  • keeping the traditional function of wine tasting and evaluating alive and efficient among the members, emphasizing their specific employment in numerous bodies and public or private institutions.
  • issuing training courses, at all levels, to give a uniform and up-to-date overall knowledge. Encouraging initiatives to promote the importance and the pleasure of the art of tasting.