Spirit guide

Prosit is the everlasting guide of Italian wines issued by ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vini – Wine Tasters National Organization). Published in digital format only, Prosit can be consulted free of charge by all ONAV members, or at the price of 10 € per year by all other wine lovers.

Prosit is an independent, objective and highly selective guide, and it is unique in the publishing industry.

  • No advertisements or other types of subsidies by wineries nor commercial companies.
  • All the wines have been blind tested by 70 Territorial Commissions mandatorily composed by ONAV oenologists and expert ONAV tasters.
  • A second Central Commission composed by at least 6 members coming from different geographic areas of the Country was formed to certify the pre-selected wines.
  • Endless potential of reviewed wines.
  • Tasting sheets written both in Italian and English.
  • Data on wineries, oenologists and producers.
  • Geolocation of all the wineries.
  • Batch number of each tasted wine bottle.
  • Picture of the bottle of each wine.
  • Exclusive interaction with Wine-gis, which features a complete landscape of the Geology, the altimetry and the pedoclimatic environment of Italian wines.

Special thanks to the Bergamo and Gorizia ONAV delegations for the financial support to the Guide project.

All this and much more in the unique on-line Italian wine guide, including an exclusive algorithm that ensures unprecedented research possibilities.

One, two and three Prosit are the clear and objective evaluation criteria of all the samples, which we either purchased or received for tasting purposes, split across the following judgement parameters:

  • 83-84 scores (one Prosit)
  • From 85 to 89 scores (two Prosit)
  • From 90 upwards (three Prosit)
Prosit is an easy and fascinating tool to experience Italian wine in a professional yet amusing way. An unconventional guide, never outdated and always evolving, capable to recount the oenological “Made in Italy” in a way that, we are pretty sure, will captivate you. Good Wine to all of you and…Prosit!

Editor-in-chief of the Guide: Pasquale Porcelli
Editing Director: Vito Intini
Project coordinators: Michele Alessandria, Andrea Briano, Daniele Cernilli, Lorenzo Colombo, Flavia Rendina, Alessandra Ruggi and more than 30 co-workers and panel leaders who lead the tastings at regional level.
English version: traslation by Raffaella Araco.